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Desi Corrosion Academy

Discover Corrosion Technologies with Desi Corrosion Academy

Desi Corrosion Academy

Desi produces successful solutions to many problems encountered by applying the concept of "Total Corrosion Management", and constantly improves its customer-oriented solution understanding with new applications.

Leaving aside the general approaches in the fight against corrosion, your current conditions are analyzed beyond the sectoral assumptions and the most accurate, applicable and economic solutions are developed for you, as you reach the Desi experts who adopt the “each case requires its own analysis process” principle.

It shares its knowledge on Desi, Moisture and Corrosion in many areas, delivers the support you need through technical staff, organizes trainings, publishes articles.

“Discover Corrosion Technologies with Desi Corrosion Academy”

Desi Kimya has taken it as a mission to increase awareness on this issue by sharing its years of experience in the field of "Moisture and Corrosion Prevention Technologies".

Considering that the losses caused by direct corrosion on a global scale are 3.1% of the total GMSH, the size of the savings in costs can be better understood through improvements to be made in this area. *

Although various corrosion prevention techniques have been developed until today, the selection of suitable techniques according to the application area is a matter of expertise.

Desi has provided its expertise and know-how through continuous academic work and years of field work in various sectors. Thanks to the information it has accumulated in the database and its continuously developed infrastructure, it frequently expands the Corrosion Protection Solutions and regularly provides trainings for you to successfully continue these applications with your own staff in your working processes.

You can also contact Desi experts to learn about the most up-to-date and advantageous methods of Corrosion Protection, to discover Desi privilege in environmentally friendly approaches compatible with nature, and to train your staff to gain maximum efficiency in Corrosion Protection.

* Source1: https://www.metalurji.org.tr/dergi/dergi179/d179_3540.pdf