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Desi Wrap VCI

Desi Wrap VCI

Desi-Wrap VCI is a special type PE film that can shrink with heat and take the shape of the product it is coated with, besides its excellent corrosion protection with its VCI inhibitors, it protects itself against UV rays.

The product, which can be applied with a heat gun, takes the shape of the object it shrinks at the rate of 0, stretched and min. offers packaging that leaves an air gap.

VCI corrosion inhibitors, which evaporate rapidly when heat is applied, rapidly penetrate all metal surfaces and provide the necessary corrosion protection. VCI inhibitors that spread in the gas phase and have high efficacy spread through the gas phase, reaching the thin walls and providing effective protection by passing through all holes and spaces.


  • Provides high protection in outdoor conditions
  • Applicable to products of any size and geometry
  • Special production opportunity for the equipment size to be covered
  • High breaking and tearing strength thanks to 150-300 micron thickness
  • Moreover, Desi assurance…