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The Most Effective Defense Against Corrosion with Desi VCI Technology


Desi provides the corrosion protection needed in the Defense Industry with the VCI technology and Dehumidifier solutions it develops even in long-term storage and transportation conditions under challenging climatic processes.

In the most difficult conditions, you can only get help from a specialist. Developed by Desi experts;

Anti-Rust VCI Packages, Protective and Cleanser VCI Oils, Care Sprays, Industrial Packages provide protection for any metal surface, while providing the most effective protection against adsorbs and corrosion with Desiccant-Dehumidifiers with improved moisture in the environment.

With the appropriate Desi solutions, all your equipment and ammunition remains as new as production until the moment of use. Every Desi solution you will use during these processes has been developed in accordance with DIN / MIL standards.