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VCI Protective Oils

VCI Protective Oils

While ordinary oils flow down from the surface with the effect of gravity, causing the metal surface to remain vulnerable over time, the VCI molecules in the DESOIL VCI oil series pass into the vapor phase and form a protective film layer on the opened metal surfaces, preventing contact with moisture and air. Provides superior protection compared to ordinary mineral oils.


  • Rich VCI oil types for every need
  • Long-term protection with smart micro VCI modules
  • Low amount of use due to the working principle
  • Maximum efficiency even on rough and grainy surfaces


Desoil 602 VCI Desoil 604 VCI

Desoil 607 VCI Desoil 610 VCI

Desoil 612 VCI Desoil 618 VCI

You can contact Desi Experts for the most suitable Desoil VCI oil type for your process.