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Design Solutions For Your Design Machines From Desi


Desi VCI Technology provides protection in the machinery and equipment industry from production to delivery. In the production and assembly steps, Desi VCI-added process chemicals and protectors take the corrosion under control and increase your process speed by removing rust and dirt from the environment quickly.

3-layer Al-Pack packages, specially designed for your Desi machine dimensions, carefully protect the work of your labor by cutting off contact with air, moisture and UV rays. It provides 100% protection against the corrosive effects of moisture and air with its Polyester-Aluminum-VCI Polyethylene triple layer.

Desi VCI packages provide a complete protection shield on the metal surface with the support of moisture optimization provided by the dehumidifier Cont-Pack Plus for maximum corrosion protection in post-production warehouse and shipping conditions.

Take care of your work with Moisture Indicator Cards. Reflect to your customers that favorable conditions are provided in the delivery process of your products. Desi supports you in your prestige works.