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Active Alumina

Active Alumina

“Desi Technology is With You in the Most Challenging Atmospheric Conditions”
“Desi Prepares You For The Toughest Conditions”
“Let Desi Technology Silence Moisture, Don't Compromise on Quality”
“Trust the Desi Expert, You Silence the Moisture”
“The Preference of the World in Dehumidifier Silicagel”
“Silicagel Leadership in Moisture Retention Does Not Lead Water”

Uncontrolled moisture reduces the lifetime of your products, and in most cases completely excludes them. Sil-Pack silica gel packs developed with Desi technology trap moisture with its high moisture absorption capacity. When appropriate usage conditions are provided, Sil-Pack silica gel packs provide moisture control, providing high protection even under long-term storage and demanding export conditions.


The world's choice with high moisture adsorption ability
High resistance to chemical reactions with inert structure
Microporous nonwowen packaging with high breathability
Clean and safe use without dusting and mudding
Easy to use
Sil-Pack Silicagel options with indicator providing color change
Measuring moisture balance with visual inspection
Protection time suitable for your needs
Working capacity in high temperature range
Special packaging that does not tear and dust
Competence to meet the needs of various sectors such as food and electronics
Increasing product variety and capacity every day with Desi Technology
Environmentally friendly
Moreover, Desi assurance…