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Active Alumina

Active Alumina

It is an adsorbent with superior surface properties used as a drier in industrial facilities, especially in dynamic adsorption conditions.

It can be used safely for a long time in compressors, in removing moisture from liquid liquids and in dry air systems.

It provides efficient drying at very low dew-points.

Our product, which can be used for drying all kinds of liquids and gases, also shows high performance in holding impurities such as carbon dioxide, heavy metals, sulphides and hydrocarbons.


Effective at high humidity.
Less energy requirement for regeneration
Compatibility with unheated air dryers
High chemical purity.
High resistance to fragmentation and chipping


In drying systems in hospitals,
Air drying systems in food factories
In removing acidic products formed as a result of degradation of oils
It is safely preferred for removing moisture and other impurities from various gases and liquids.