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Desi Sensitivity in Protection of Electronic Parts with VCI Technology


Desi develops sensitive solutions for the protection of electrical and electronic parts.

Humidity and atmospheric conditions pose a great threat to electronic parts and equipment. Oxidation occurring in the circuit and swith ends in time causes unwanted failures. Desi Kimya products meet your needs with static and dynamic solutions depending on stock and working conditions.

While protecting electronic products waiting in stock and warehouse conditions, our VCI PE packaging with ESD additive provides strong protection against oxidation while keeping moisture under control thanks to our Silpack silica gel products.

Corr-Pack products developed with Desi VCI Technology for electrical and control panels of devices such as transformers and generators operating in harsh field conditions, while eliminating the effects caused by moisture and atmosphere, provides long-term protection thanks to VCI content.

Desicor 1000 VCI Spray saves performance and time in your routine care.

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