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Desi has developed the DRYCAN product group, which it produces with high precision in order to meet the standards required by the pharmaceutical industry in the desiccant product groups.

DRYCAN series products are produced in clean room conditions in ISO 8 / D CLASS standard. With this feature, it is suitable for sterilization and has an antibacterial structure.

DRYCAN group capsule silica gel products are manufactured with FDA CFR21 approved materials and can be in contact with pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.

Depending on the area of use, special production can be made in the form of silica gel, molecular sieve or a mixture of these materials.



  • International standards scalability
  • Production methods suitable for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Product option in the range of 0.5g-5g
  • Rosh, DMF Free, Migration certified
  • Moreover, Desi assurance…