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Desi Forced VCI

Desi Forced VCI

Desi Forced VCI is a kraft paper product with VCI feature reinforced with jute lamination. Thanks to its high efficiency and concentration VCI chemicals, it protects all types of metal effectively against corrosion and other types of corrosion, while its outer layer shows high tear resistance thanks to its PP texture.

Thanks to DesiForced VCI jute lamination, it is very useful in winding applications on rolled sheet and wire, and in wrapping heavy products such as steel and pipe bundles. It can be used without tearing even in products with sharp surfaces due to its flexible and very high physical strength.

It provides effective protection against atmospheric and physical effects such as wetting, moistening, oxidation, contamination, crushing, and tear-proof feature of metal parts in profile, plate, plate or coil winding during storage and shipment. At the same time, thanks to the effective VCI molecules in its content, it protects your products against rust with its film structure formed on the metal surface.

DesiForced VCI ensures that your products are shipped ready for use and clean, especially under storage and overseas shipping conditions. It prevents the occurrence of undesired situations caused by rust and strengthens the trust of your customers towards your products.


Production option without VCI or VCI
Wide range of sizes (Width: 10-200cm)
Special color and printing opportunity according to your request
High tensile-rupture, tear strength
Moreover, Desi assurance…