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Metal Processing

Metal Surfaces Under Desi Protection Against Corrosion

Metal Processing

Desi adopts Total Corrosion Management approach in preventing corrosion. This approach covers the final product, packaging, stock and shipment processes from the raw material stage.

Metalworking, the first stage, requires detailed material and process knowledge. Desi expertise comes into play at this point and VCI-containing process chemicals and VCI additive liquids create a corrosion protection shield on the metal surface in the first step. With these processes, pre-protection is provided until the storage and shipment process.

In the final product phase, a VCI cycle is created to provide resistance to long storage and shipping conditions. For this purpose, Desi packaging engineering designs the most effective solutions needed by examining all stages of the process such as metal product type and geometry, storage and shipping conditions - times.

Corrosion Protection is possible in all conditions and situations. 100% protection is provided when correct system is applied against corrosion.

Desi evaluates and guides you by your own material, process, duration and dimensions. For this reason, leading metal producers prefer Desi Protection from production to export.