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VCI Process Additives

VCI Process Additives

The total corrosion management approach requires the identification of all risk points from the raw material entry in the production to the point of shipment of the finished products. In the process and washing processes with Desamin and Desi Clean series chemicals developed for this purpose, the part surface is safely cleaned and the first step of an effective protection against corrosion is taken.


  • Desi VCI solution suitable for every process
  • VCI protection suitable for all kinds of metal surfaces
  • Environment and human friendly solutions

DESİ CLEAN 900               DESAMİN 1700           DESİSOL NA

DESİ CLEAN 1000             DESAMİN 1800           DESİSOL 1001

DESİ CLEAN 1750             DESAMİN 2000

                                           DESAMİN 2002

You can reach Desi specialists for the most suitable Desamin, Desi Clean and Desisol varieties for your production processes.