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VCI Technology

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VCI Technology

If metal and metal alloys come into contact with air and moisture, deterioration on the surface called corrosion occurs. In order to prevent corrosion, the contact of the material with air and moisture should be cut on a micro scale. Classical measures cannot provide this isolation.

With VCI technology, the surface is completely covered and a protection wall is created. Smart microparticles on the VCI-containing product (paper, packaging, etc.) cover the entire surface, including the highest spots, sharp corners, rough areas, and create a smart loop. In this cycle, VCI particles evaporating over time move towards the areas with less exposure and concentrate in that area and provide maximum corrosion protection.

Combating corrosion is a very critical issue. The whole world has been working on this subject for many years and the foundations of the mixture with VCI feature have been laid. However, these mixtures contained Nitrate and Amin group compounds, the harm of which is accepted today and which is deemed to be prohibited by European criteria.

So much so that the alternative could not be developed even though the damages are known, the use of it for a long time was tolerated. But Desi knows that it is your responsibility to protect nature and your employees. Desi developed VCI technology to protect nature and human with this principle. It does not contain the VCI nitrate and amine group, developed by applying nature recipes. With this feature, it protects the practitioner during use and the nature with its recyclable structure.

“Desi VCI Additive Products Eliminate Corrosion Completely by Correct Application”

  • Before applying, make sure that the surface is dry and free from oil, dirt and fingerprints.
  • Always wear gloves during and after cleaning.
  • Oils are insufficient in corrosion protection. In order to completely cut off contact with air and moisture, choose VCI-containing protection fluids on the surface after cleaning.
  • VCI products have no micro particle loss. Keep them in contact with air and keep them under low temperature and low humidity conditions.