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Desoil 604 VCI

Desoil 604 VCI

Desi VCI oil product with odorless solvent content that provides effective protection against corrosion in all metal applications and can be used as protective cleaner and lubricant with VCI (vapor phase corrosion inhibitor) feature.

Our low viscosity, clear-looking product offers an economical use with low film thickness. After evaporation of the solvent in its content, it forms an ultra thin protective film layer and gains a structure that does not hold water, prevents fingerprints and pollution.

It is an odorless, safe with high flash point, economical with low vapor pressure and also ideal for corrosion protection with vapor phase inhibitors.

It is used as an effective protector in corrosion sensitive surfaces and pressing processes.

Inhibitors that can pass into the vapor phase spread to the end points where the oil film thinks or cannot reach, providing long-term corrosion protection at every point. With this unique feature, it creates a different class in anti-corrosion oil technologies.

It can be applied by dipping, brush and spray. It should not be approached with fire since it is a solvent composition.


  • In automotive supply industry shipment and stock applications
  • In the active protection of well polished and coated surfaces
  • In the maintenance, storage and shipment of weapons and accessories
  • In roll sheet and plate applications
  • Closed atmosphere in long-term corrosion protection applications
  • Open atmosphere in short and medium term corrosion protection applications
  • Due to its very thin and effective film structure, in applications where cleaning is not desired before assembly
  • It provides protection by spreading VCI vapor into the inaccessible intricate spots and blind holes.