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Desoil 602 VCI

Desoil 602 VCI

It is an oil-based protector containing VCI (vapor phase corrosion inhibitor) that provides effective corrosion protection in all types of metal applications.

Desoil 602 VCI, with its low viscosity, clear appearance, offers an economical use with its low film thickness, while it shows superior performance in all conditions in the fight against corrosion with the VCI inhibitors it contains.

Inhibitors that can pass into the vapor phase spread to the end points that the oil film thinks or cannot reach, and provide long-term corrosion protection at every point. With this unique feature, it creates a different class in the technologies of anti-corrosion oils.


  • In automotive supply industry shipment and stock applications
  • Automotive main industry in frontal protection applications
  • In metal and machinery industry
  • In the maintenance, storage and shipment of weapons and accessories
  • In roll sheet and plate applications
  • Closed atmosphere in long-term corrosion protection applications
  • Open atmosphere in short and medium term corrosion protection applications
  • It provides protection by spreading VCI vapor into the inaccessible intricate spots and blind holes.