Al-Pack Aluminum Barrier

ALPACK is very special packaging material designed for using in the ambient that a barrier for moisture is needed to be occurred.

ALPACK that has the properties suchlike self adhesive, heat adhesive, air and moisture proof, vacuumable due to its three layered special structure is designed for providing an exact protection on materials in several industrial sectors.

ALPACK  optimized as containing PET on upper layer, alumina on middle layer and polyethylene on down layer can be used for production of either little aluminum bag or very large aluminum packages.

As is known, all kind of polyethylene packages have air permeableness at a certain extent. In case of that is unwanted materials that is shipping to be harmed even at top level moisture rate and in case of that is unwanted to let the air inside of the package, ALPACK is the optimum solution. Due to aluminum is not permeable, ALPACK provides this specific area of usage.

It is produced proper to MIL PRF 131K and MIL B 131 H standards.