VCI+DRY has double protection properties that’s mean it has very high water adsorption capacity and it can emit VCI vapors. To protect metal product from corrosion VCI packaging materials and desiccants are used for many years. VCI+DRY can not only adsorp water but also can emit VCI vapor which generate protective barrier film on metal surfaces.When used common desiccants alone, because of water vapor transmition and holes on packaging materials, in short term adsorption capacity of desiccants can be filled and dry conditions go wrong. When used VCI PE packaging materials alone, because of high water condensation with temperature changing, VCI protective barrier film can be damage. Water vapor adsorption capacity of VCI+DRY is too higher than common desiccants. 100g VCI+DRY bag can adsorp about 250-300g water vapor.

VCI+DRY bags are producing two types which VCI+DRY-50 and VCI+DRY-100.


  • Double protection with one product
  • High water adsorption capacity
  • Easy transport and stock with small and light pack
  • Easy and Economical usage
  • Safe, non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals such as nitrites, chromates…