VCI Liquid

VCI Multi Metal Liquid is an ideal mixture of various types of vapour phase inhibitors effective for protection of different type of metals against athmospheric corrosion.

Volatile Corrosion Inhbitors, having one of the most economical use on material handling and storage against humidity, develops an unvisible protection layer on metal surface even reaching the small cracks where oiling is not possible therefore achieves a very long term protection.

VCI Multi Metal Liquid, with its unique formulation containing high levels of VCI, is applied to various carriers like paper, foam or spunges.

VCI Multi Metal Liquid doesnot contain and nitrite and chlorine solvents which are harmful for human and environment health. 

Typical Applications
• VCI Lamination
• VCI Papers
• VCI foam
• VCI sprays

Metals Protected
• Steel and other ferrous alloys
• Copper
• Brass
•  Aluminum
• Zinc
• Silver