VCI Powder

Desi Powder 201 and 203 are VCI corrosion inhibitors that is effective in powder form. Desi Powder 201 and 203 which is 100% concentrated are designed to prevent corrosion actively in the areas like unapproachable offsets, pits, inside of the cabinets and pipes.

  • Includes no ingredient that would be harmful to environment and human healthy like chromate, nitrite and any kind of heavy metal.
  • Provides a long term and permanently protection until 24 months.
  • Occurring a long term molecular film layer, it inhibits the metal for corrosion.
  • The most effective application is provided by pulverizing in powder form in closed area.
  • It can be cleaned via forced air and water.
  • Active powder vaporising during the shipping provides a stabile film thickness continuously. An effective protection is provided on painted and covered surfaces.


  • In conduit, tube and cylindrical structures
  • Interior surfaces of the kiers, tanks, stores, engines and compressors
  • Protecting of the equipments after hydrostatic test
  • Shipment and protecting of the large surfaced, wide structures