VCI Tablets

Desi Line VCI tablets are made of high purity VCI chemicals. It provides superior and long term protection in closed areas, on printed circuit cards, on metal surfaces by force of its superior vaporising property. By dint of its condensed active material content, it is used alone or as promoter in areas that is enormous and sensitive.

Especially in bulky cases and long term protections, by the way of providing the level of VCI vapour constant and condensed, it provides the protector layer to be stayed strong and sustain during the shipping and stocking.


  • Provides protection until 5 years in closed systems.
  • In packaging, that is easy to apply.
  • Precisely, it has no nitrite, nitrate and chromate content.
  • There is no effect of the product that can affect the surface properties of  electronic circuits and metals.
  • It is safe to carry and use and also environmental friendly.