Cont-Pack Plus Container Drier

CONT PACK PLUS is a specially modified product for the protection of containers over a long period of time during voyage against the bad effects of humidity. CONT PACK PLUS is produced from a special mixture of polymers and Calcium Chloride in order to be used for a long period of time.

Calcium Chloride adsorbs rapidly and continuously the water vapor in the air and transfer the liquid to the Polymers therefore the water is adsorbed finally by the polymers and the polymers swells and keeps the water in its structure. This is a continuous process and this process keeps your material protected for a very long period of time by preventing container rain.

  • Dew Point - Container Rain Relation

    For the materials carried in containers, due to the temperature differences in different parts of the world and the relative humidity changes over the sea, the container rain is unpreventable even if the containers air flow is open.When container rain happens, either the goods carried in the container is damaged with water or the packing of the goods are damaged it’s unpreventable to have it claimed from your receivers.Dew point is the limit value of the air for the highest concentration of water vapor that can be held in the air for certain temperatures and relative humidity values.Dew Point is directly in relation with the relative humidity and temperature therefore due to the changes of these two parameters during voyage, the dew point may be reached and exceeded which causes so called container rain.

    The use of CONT PACK PLUS continuously keeps the relative humidity and temperature at a stable ratio, therefore the dew point is never reached in the container by the use of CONT PACK PLUS. The continuous humidity adsorption characteristic of CONT PACK PLUS eliminates the risk of container rain.

    Packing Material The packing material is a specially produced nonwoven material which is a breathable patented product and which will never give out there collected water by leakage. Due to the strong characteristics of the packing material and the special sealing made, the packages are able to carry more than 300% of their initial weight without and leakage or tearing.

    The packing can be made in various sizes of bags ranging from 190, 380 and 760 grams. Please contact your DESI CHEM representative in order to decide how much CONT PACK PLUS to use for the protection of your values.