Quick Gel Liquid Gelling Agent

Quick-Gel is a matchless liquid gelling product designed for the special proto-applications

Quick-Gel products is used for solidifying liquid medical wastes, solidifying liquid industrial wastes, resorbtion of toxicant and harmful chemicals and many special applications. Quick-Gel products provide any kind of liquid to be transformed to movable solid.

By the way of resolving in its package made of specially modified cellulose, it diffuses its active materials through the liquid and initiate the solidifying procedure rapidly.

Due to its soluble package, leaving the product package over the liquid surface is the only thing you should do to initiate the solidifying procedure. In addition to this, there is nothing more needed without excepting mixing it.

10gr weighted Quick Gel package have the capacity for solidifying 3 litres of liquid.

Quick Gel packages are brought into use in special packages weighted 5,10 and 20 gr, and also in 1 lt volume jars. It is also brought into use in different special packages in line with customer requirements.

For any kind of questions, please contact our technical team.