Dri-Mac Dehumidifier Canister

Dri Mac canister that has patented design and production method is designed for protection of sensitive chemicals to be protected for moisture and for medical industry. In Dri Mac production, entirely FDA CFR21 approved materials is used and these materials are appropriate for contact with comestibles and pharmaceuticals. Also the post product has the anti-bacterial property.

Dri Mac performs a superb performance in eliminating the moisture and smell in the package due to its double faced  breath capable membrane structure.

Major Advantages of Dri Mac:

  • 100% dust free and leak proof
  • Sonic welded membranes to get a complete and safe structure
  • Special designed structure that provides double face breathing
  • External structure that is suitable for sterilization, 100% quality discipline

Dri Mac, the matchless product, continues adsorptioning on any ground due to its double faced Tyvek membranes. Because of its material structure that is antibacterial and suitable for sterilization, that is the special product that medicine producers can use doubtlessly.
Silicagel, molecular sieve, active carbon or the mixture of these materials can be used in Dri Mac canister capsules weighted up 0.5gr to 3gr.