Cont-Pack Container Drier

In deliveries carried out with containers, because of the difference between day and night temperatures, the moisture in the air contaminates and the occurrence named container rain happens. Thus, the product in the container and also its package effect badly from this situation.

Special formulated Cont-Pack packages that can be packaged with several dimensions up 2kg to 500kg prevents the moisture in the air condensed works continuously up to 60-80 days. It can absorb of moisture and water up to 100% of its weight.

It is absolutely recommended to use Cont-Pack products to convey your products without any damage caused by the moisture.


  • Provides an efficient protection on your products against the harmful effects that effects your product quality directly of moisture during the shipping and stocking.
  • It prevents container raining occurred by condensing of the moisture by the reason of difference in day and night temperatures.
  • Working continuously, maximum efficiency is procured up to 60-80 days because of its high adsorption performance.
  • Dampness and smell problems rooted in the outdoor conditions are prevented leaving the packages that is already included in cardboard box, palette etc. in container by adsorping the surplus moisture in the ambient.
  • In addition to protecting your products providing a dry and healthy shipping ambient, it also provides the strong confidence on your customers.