Sil-Pack Silicagel Packages

Sil-Pack silicagel packages are the silicagel packages that has high moisture adsorption power. Because of its easy breathing micro porous structured nonwowen package, it is safe to use in every area that moisture is not wanted in. The ambient that the product is used in should be hermetic and there should be no airflow in there, since therefore silicagel packages would work for a long term in high performance.  It would be produced as 1gr to 500gr, in different sizes and would be contained different contents. It is possible to add indicators that provides change of colour when moisture is soaked up as per order.


  • It is the most common dehumidifier product because of its high moisture adsorption ability.
  • It react with no material and chemical because of its inert structure.
  • It does not carry over or slough, so it is clean and safe product
  • It prevents condensations and moistness in wide temperature range at a fast pace.
  • Via its type that includes indicators, moisture saturation can be followed visually. 
  • In every field it can be used safely because of its untearable and dust free structure.