Vision & Mission


Our Vision

Shaping the future of technology by force of our R&D works about shipping safety and control of corrosion, in addition to be  at the fore in development and also to be the leader in local and world market and also a well regarded foundation.

Institutional Values

  • Being society and customer oriented
  • Unconditional Customer Satisfaction
  • Environmental Consciousness and sense of responsibility
  • Enhancement that makes a difference in technology and science
  • Total Quality Management bilateral confidence and collaboration
  • Experiance, continual improvement and alteration   

Our Mission

By following the technological developments in safe of shipment and corrosion control applications, developing the most efficient products and services oriented to customers requirements and submitting these products and services at best quality and echonomic conditions, providing the customer satisfaction. "Via the trainings rendered by DESI Corrosion Academy, conveying the developments in sector to our customers and creating the most appropriate solutions for them."


Our Quality and Environment Policy

Our quality management system constituted as doing the requirements of  TS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards and being managed in line with enhancing our production technics towards improving technology, environment and Healty and Safety at Work Management Systems. "We break our back to be the leader in addition toshipping safety and corrosion technologies, in environmental consciousness, healty and safety at work."